Basic introduction to the world of CSGO skins

Csgo is a very popular game but there are many out there who do not know too much about the skins that can be used on their weapons. Recently, we discovered that there might be many things that we would do differently if we knew a little bit more about CSGO skins beforehand. So we are here to guide you people through the world of brand new skins of CSGO weapons and how to use them or use them for buying and selling.  This tutorial isn’t meant for stickers neither will describe the costly skins for knives because we don’t feel that someone who is a newcomer would be willing to spend so much on mere knife skin.

basic introduction of csgo skins

The basics

There are three types of skins that are available in CSGO skins. These are souvenir, normal and stat-trak.  Every skin  that is available is essentially available in normal skin but not all skins are available in stat trak or souvenir skin. Some might not be available in either of them too.  So to start with, we’ll describe what normal skins are. Well, normal- as the name suggests, is pretty normal to start with and comes without any special features or properties.

The other two skins, that is the stat- trak and the souvenir skins are merely a show off to begin with, to describe in lame words.  Stat- trek weapons work like some weird and strange weapon. For example the weapons used by team fortress 2 and dota 2. There is a small LED display which has the ability to track the number of kills made by the owner. But make sure, that if these skins are sold or are listed in the community market, then you won’t get the points of kill from the previous owner.

Souvenir, as the name suggests, are like souvenirs bought from the tournaments  from the CSGO. Whenever there is a tournament going on in the CSGO, there are some weapons dropped randomly for the people who are watching the game.  Each of the weapons dropped under this category of skin has a message scribbled with them which glorifies the match during which it was probably dropped. Spectators get rewarded with special weapons during a match and many times they have special stickers of the tournaments and the teams playing in it. For this reason, these weapons sell in high process in the community market, but because of this very reason, many people choose not to sell them to so they are quite expensive.

More about CSGO skins

Every CSGO skin will have a modifier attached to it in order to determine how the skin will actually appear to be and that is known as the wear value of the skin. These modifiers never change and have arrange that lies between 0.00 and 0.99. These numbers, not being clearly visible, are often divided into grades- minimal wear, factory new, field tested, well worn etc. There are a number of ways to get these skins but the least complicated one is to buy them directly from the community marketplace.