Madden NFL 18 Mobile game is probably the best mobile NFL game in 2017

Madden NFL 18 features significantly improved visual design and better Frostbite engine. It include stunning stadium exterior surrounded by vast cityscapes. It is a photorealistic game designed to offer an experience of the life game. It allows customization that allows you to play each match according to your specification. Apart from three new play styles available offline, the game offers real world matches in their Play Now Live platform where you can play match ups every week. With dozens ways to play the game, coupled with customization, Madden is entertaining like none other.

The other way to enjoy Madden NFL

In Madden NFL 18, you are like coach and master and the players are your instruments to score. In most cases, that is how football is played in the real world. It is an adventurous game with multiple endings. It gives you an opportunity to make decision that affect how players perform in the field and how scouts will perceive you. The game gives minor choices an equal importance as winning football is about giving importance to minor changes.

Team-wide leveling system

Each player will earns MUT experience as you face head to head matched as well as other solo challenges, and over time players rise up their ranks. Your players gain experience whenever they take action and you earn rewards every time you level up. The MUT rewards include cards, packs and sometime with Madden mobile coins. All these rewards offer an opportunity to improve your team even further.

The EA Sport determines how each team rating will be calculated Madden NFL, which results in different ratings among teams. And even small different in rating is every significant. Most players including the superstars have low rating, which is a clear indication that the game is very competitive. Your initial squad will include team players with an overall rating of about 60, but as you proceed, you can adopt players with better rating to improve the performance of your team.

Story mode

It is a fantastic mode that you should play if you want need to quickly boost your ultimate team. This mode allows you to play longshot and unlock your cards and attain as high as over 70s in rating. Once you unlock the cards, you can compete in longshot-specific challenges and push your ratings even higher. By unlocking the cards, you can acquire Dan Marino and Chad Johnson in your team, who are NFL legends with over 80 points. Just play in the story mode and you will have the best players and improve your team.

Moreover, the game is available online and accessible through a number of platforms that allow you to check your team anytime and anywhere. You can check your game status, league schedule, and even export league data 3 party sites that allow you to analyze the statistics further.

Madden NFL 18 also allow access to madden messenger on real time, ensuring that you are in touch with your franchise and ultimate teams throughout. with this new version of Madden NFL, you will never miss an important update. You just need to synchronize notification in the system.