NBA Live on Mobile New Graphics and User-Interface

If you love to see mobile games like basketball and do not want to make upfront payment for buying apps then NBA Live on mobile is the best option for you. EA Mobile has considered it the best time to add some new content and most important features to NBA Live mobile game, which is already full of content and feature rich, as the new season of NBA games is going to start in less than a month.

It has been announced by Electronic Arts that today it has updated its mobile game NBA Live, a free to play app available for the users of android and iOS devices. While upcoming season of 2016-2017 NBA gets ready to be live, the updates to NBA Live game will also introduce a new user interface to it and improve its graphics. This can make NBA Live a big hit in the mobile market of $36 billion by attracting more players to it.

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Along with improving the graphics and redesigning the user interface of the latest version of NBA Live mobile game the mechanics used in it will also help in making the flow of ball realistic and the new system of dunking the ball fancier. Some considerable improvements in its animation and other cool elements also provide a fancy look to this mobile game. The developers of this mobile game have also included the coaching feedback for shots in this game to help both, the newbies as well as veteran players. Though these features alone can give a big update to this mobile game but EA Mobile has included a bundle of them to help you usefully while playing game.

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The introduction of new Rookie Program mode is among the most important additions in this regard as it provides an authentic and realistic experience to the players as they were playing with rookies of NBA. More particularly 46 rookies included in the NBA Draft for 2016 including most talented Ben Simmons were included in this program.

nba live mobile gameAfter starting this mode of the game, it will provide the tally of daily and weekly goals of the players. Along with it the game will also provide information about lottery balls and draft picks which can be used to make their progress easier. It can also be said that you can play the game easily by playing to again and again. Daily activities are also consistently rewarded by EA Mobile even if you are not a skillful gamer of the mobile world as well as not making in-app purchases.

Generally speaking, it is not surprising to know that the graphical improvement mentioned above are made exclusively for powerful android devices as NBA Live mobile game is careless for regarding the requirements of its software and hardware. Most Smartphones running on latest versions of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or on the outdated version of Android 3.2 Honeycomb allow you to play this mobile game.

So, upgraded NBA Mobile game is for you if you are interested in the latest interactive additions made in the adaptation of most popular league game of basketball by EA Mobile.