Runescape game overview for new players

Before we go further into the details of the gameplay for RuneScape, allow us to introduce you to the game first. Developed and published by Jagex, RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) for gamers of all age. It was released in the year of 2001 in January. The designer and mind behind the game were Andrew Gower and Paul Gower. They released the game playable on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. The game was originally a browser game built with the Java programming for obvious reasons. For smartphones did not make an entry back then, and games were played in the PC, Gameboys or Playstations.

Introduction to the game, RuneScape

The game is based in the world of Gielnor, which is a medieval fantasy realm, divided into different kingdoms, cities, and regions. Players travel throughout the Gielnor via different types of ways that include magic spells, charter ships and also by foot. Players are represented in the game based on different avatars that are customizable. Players can choose to fight whichever entity they please. It could vary from a non-player character like monsters and complete quests. They can increase their experiences of the game with the skills available in it. The best part about the game is that players can interact with each other via chat, trade and participating in mini-games, which is fun.

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Now lets us give you a brief Intel on the gameplay of RuneScape.

The Beginning:

The game begins with players placed in a secluded area. Here they are taken through a tutorial. It is a set path where players are able to learn the most basic skills of the game. After the tutorial is over the players have access to tutors and advisers that are located in the town. Know more about Runescape game you can click here.


The RuneScape game has twenty-seven skills to explore. It enables the players to perform various activities, allowing the interact with the NPCs, the environment and with the other players. Players gain points for experience upon utilizing the available skills. For an example, when a player needs to do mining they will require the mining skills. When the player begins to use the skill, by default they gain experience points. Upon gaining sufficient experience points, a player gets a level-up in the game.

Please note that when the skill level rises, the player gains the ability to retrieve better raw materials. By doing which, a player is able to produce better products, which in turn increases their experience point.

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The RuneScape game features a semi-real time combat system. Combat is the most important aspect of this game. It allows players to defeat monsters to gain dropped items in addition to completing quests. The combat level of a player determines their power in the game. It is the same for the non-player character, whose power is determined by their combat level.

About PVP mode

This feature is possible in mini-games (for example in the Duel Arena), which is in the original game. PvP games offer their own rewards for players. In order to play the mini-game, players have to put their items and money on stake.

These four specifications of gameplay are the basics to go ahead in the game. It is basic and has a simple user interface, so a beginner will not have a problem to go ahead with it.