Some interesting cosplayers on the Blizzcon 2017

Blizzcon, one of Blizzard’s hottest events, has been heavily involved and watched since its inception. As one of the world’s most famous games company, Blizzard’s Warcraft series, StarCraft series, Diablo series, Heros of the storm, Overwatch and Hearthstone¬† games in the world have a wide range of game fans and players.

Blizzcon, Blizzard showed us a series of game updates and follow-up improvement plan. And invited some of Blizzard’s senior game developers to tell players some of the story behind the game development. At Blizzcon, we also saw a lot of players show cosplay show. This is Blizzard’s festival, but also Blizzard fans festival. I collected some interesting pictures and videos and now share them with everyone.

Blizzcon cosplay show1

Blizzcon cosplay show2

Blizzcon cosplay show3