The Beginner Guide For Play FIFA 18

If you are new to gaming, FIFA 18 is a good place to start. Being an expert gamer is not something that happens to you soon as you start playing. Like real football, acquiring skill in FIFA 18 requires practice and learning. Just like the real game, playing FIFA 18 is not as easy as it looks. This guide has been made for you as a beginner to help you learn the art of playing FIFA in order for you to be able to score goals, win matches and collect trophies.


For you to be able to play FIFA 18, you need to be able to learn the art of passing the ball and perfect it. You need to be able to vary your passing techniques and equally need to be fast and strategic when passing the ball to be able to create space by opening up an opponent’s defense to be able to move past them and make scores. Quick and accurate short passes can take you a long way in FIFA 18. They are however slow and only come in handy when your opponent is open and close to you. The driven ground pass (achieved by holding R1/RB and pressing X/A) is also quite helpful for opponents that are not close by. It’s useful when passing the ball over a third of the field width. If there is a defender close by, hold L2/LT while receiving the ball to help in controlling ball shield.


Good defending can make all the difference you need. Good defense defines an excellent player. When tackling an opponent using the standing tackle, you need to time it perfectly and do it once to avoid getting a card. Sliding tackles should also be avoided not unless they are extremely necessary. Do not use defenders to charge attackers to avoid creating gaps and weakening your defense; use midfielders for chasing loose balls but keep the defenders in line. When learning to perfect your defense, you need to correctly switch players with the right thumb stick, not the L1/LB.

When running alongside an opponent, use L1/LT to harass them. You can challenge them with your shoulder and try step between them and the ball. Do not constantly hold the sprint button unless it’s necessary to avoid tiring your players before the game is over allowing your opponent to take advantage of that.

Use FIFA coins To build stronger team

Like in real life, FIFA games also have their own set of currency systems. We will be called fifa coins and fifa points. fifa points are built through the game’s built-in consumer system, players can use real money to buy and get. fifa coins is through the completion of the game in the task, in the game to win and other normal game process can be obtained by players. Players can use fifa points to unlock the players packs, using this way to unlock the players they want. However, Players can trade in the auction house, of course, you need to pay the corresponding fifa coins. Of course, the role of fifa coins is not just trading players. If you play FIFA game on your mobile phone, you can also find the fifa mobile coins have the same role in the game just like other EA fifa games.


Without shooting, you cannot be able to score goals and consequently cannot win matches. The regular shot (circle/B) is the most powerful shot in when there is an open net in front of you or from outside the penalty area. It’s not always the most accurate, but if you’re encircled by defenders and need a fast shot off, it’s your best option. Holding R1/RB and pressing the circle gives you a tact shot which although slower than the regular shot, is perfect for a one on one situation or when the keeper starts moving towards you. It curls the ball around the keeper. Holding L1/LB and pressing the circle gives you a chip shot which chips the ball above the keepers head and into the net scoring you a goal. It is best used when the keeper is moving towards you and there is enough space between them and the net.